Eviscerate Leaking and others

  1. Eviscerate Leaking and others

    I want to start off by saying I am a loyal NutraPlanet customer and always recommend people visit their site for all their supplement needs, but this last experience has left a sour taste in my mouth that I hope can be washed away.

    I recently ordered an Eviscerate from NP and when I noticed my bank account was low I checked my online order and noticed it added a SS Shift and a SAN Dr. Feel Good to my order. When I accepted the order it said $37.99 plus shipping. When I called to get it fixed I was told by the representative that it was a glitche because I had added those two to my cart a while back and they disappeared until I ordered my Eviscerate and they didn;t reappear until after processing where they were added on prior to me accepting the payment. The rep said to send them back and I planned on it, I'm hoping I do not get charged a restocking fee becuase I was unable to see physically on the screen I was being charged more and for two other products.

    Now upon recieving my package today I noticed the bottom corner was wet. When I opened said package the inside was also soaked with the Eviscerate. Upon inspection I noticed the lid to my Eviscerate was UNSCREWED, causing the leak, and there was NO SEAL preventing the leak.

    All I want is to recieve a new Eviscerate and send back the SS Shift and SAN Dr. Feel Good without a restocking fee. I hope a representative from NP can chime in and help me correct these errors.

    Below are a couple images of the Eviscerate and the package it came in.

    Attachment 60575Attachment 60576Attachment 60577

  2. You should have just emailed Nutraplanet. I'm sure they would get back to you first thing Monday morning when they open. By the way your attachment isn't working. I suggest when you want to post a picture, just upload it to a photo sharing site and posting the link to the image within the body of your post. No need to upload to AM. That's old school.

  3. I used a site but when I linked this is what I got. I clicked on the links and it worked so I didn't change it.
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    NP has great customer service. I'm sure they'll take care of you. If you find the thread with all the reps listed in it for NP, you can PM one of them and I'm sure they'll help you out.
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  5. Nutra has great CS and they are probably much easier to deal with when you message one of the reps directly instead of making a thread they will have to go and look for first.
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  6. Messaged one earlier too.

    Thanks me guys.


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