excellent customer service

  1. Thumbs up excellent customer service

    i had sent a pm to stryder asking if he could send me a trial bottle of ONE. well i got impaitient and just ordered a bottle anyway, but then like literally like 30 sec after i ordered i got a pm right back from stryder saying he'll hook me up! i was pissed i should have waited, but then stryder sent me an email saying that he cancelled my order and will be sending me the free bottle of ONE anyways. stryder went out of his way, time, and money when he did not have to and hooked me up when he rightfully didnt have to. i just want to let everyone know just how excellent their customer service is and how good they will take care of you. nutraplanet just plain and simple kicks ass!!!

  2. I order everything at night ( I work graveyards) and the next time I checked my email it was already shipped out. Awesome Service! And Prices!


  3. Thanks guys, I will work my hardest to offer everyone the best service. Thanks for giving me a chance to prove myself

  4. Yep, NutraPlanet Customer service definitely rocks!

  5. 2004 seems like 10 years ago....lol
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  6. I must say nutra have an awesome Customer service, they actually treat you like they care about you. They value their customers. two thumbs up to nutra

  7. juss got my np order 35 lbs a 700$, i used express international usps, it came here in 5 days ALGERIA " north africa" so big up for NP, i got samples, a tshirt and shaker thanks . np really good customer service, thanks to DARREN fo the help!
    on top of all np advantages " service, exclusive bulk powder all thatat really low price" whats i appreciate is NP really gives u RESPECT!


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