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  1. nor is that liver anywhere near $35, if you could find one it would prolly be avout 50 grand...and that woudl be somewhre in s.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Have you seen the price I have running on Omega's M1T? 10mg/90 caps for $17.96! That's only 20 cents a pill!
    That one bottle can last you up to 6 months, if you cycle it 4 on 4 off... Two bottles for only $35.92 and you'll have a whole years supply of M1T!
    Oh we realize that, and Omega is a hell of a brand.

    Some of us are looking at long term storage, etc. Personally, Id feel more comfortable using bulk powder for long term storage.

  3. ...actually I know someone who blew out one of his kidneys from heavy AAS usage, and made a special "vacation" to South America

  4. If you could get some bottles of S1+ before the ban at better prices than some other sites, I would be interested in buying several...

    Really appreciate the awesome prices on the Omega stuff, too by the way!!

  5. I can't get in the Dermabolics line...I've tried contacting them to set up an account and place orders, but they won't return my emails. I believe that is actually exclusive to 1fast and bulk nutrition.

  6. how about some good, cheap shaker bottles like this

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tphillip23
    how about some good, cheap shaker bottles like this
    Good call.

  8. That was exactly what i was gonna say some good shakers
    that dont leak like dps nutrition shaker witch are the same as
    the link.

  9. 1-test transdermal!!


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