Email Filters Blocking Order Confirmations

  1. Email Filters Blocking Order Confirmations

    I've noticed on a few of the orders that the confirmation emails are not getting through. I noticed this on hotmail and also on earthlink. If you have either one of these accounts and have your junk mail filter on medium or high, you are not likely to receive your order updates--I guess that goes for any email account. To ensure you are properly receiving notices, after your order if you haven't gotten a confirmation, check your junk mail folder and add nutraplanet to your safe list.

    Thank you

  2. Sometime even then they don't get through as some servers have spamfilters installed and the latest updates have caused MANY problems.
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  3. OK, for those with such problems, simply login on the site. Click "my account" at the very top. Then click on view orders. This will display your order and give you the tracking #, so you can actually track it from the site.

    Hope this helps!

  4. It may help to post your email addy here and people could add it to the safe list.



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