New Product-$1,000 Dollars for Vitamin C---Are you Ready for this Era?

  1. New Product-$1,000 Dollars for Vitamin C---Are you Ready for this Era?

    VOTE TODAY BY 2PM EST-Yes, By today, You have to ask...Why are they trying to sneak this one in? Simply because it's not the right thing for you but the right move for them..

    There people in government that really don'tcare about you or your ability of personal choice and to do WTF you want as longas it doesn't harm others.

    Don't let them choose for you, think for you or tell you whatis good for you. While many political decision are heavily lobbied and out ofour control...YOU CAN control this by SIMPLY clicking on the link below andcontacting your representative. If you don't, you don't care and get ready to pay premium money for your creatine/Beta Alanine/BCAA stack!

    Time is of the essence, your voice must be heard by 2PM EST time TODAY! Don't hesitate, take 1 minute of your time and be heard!

    Fulfillment in 1 minute that will lead to CHANGE. Stand up for personal choice.

    After you click on the Link, Simply fill in your contact information and submit, DONE! SPREAD the word.

    Natural Products Association

  2. Sneaking in is how best they do it. I remember when Republican Bill First snuck in anti-online poker legislation and ruined the entire industry.

    Government ALWAYS knows best

    Get in on this guys.

  3. just sent mine in.
    this is rediculus

  4. submitted mine

  5. Sent. Gotta fight this.



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