Thank you NP

  1. Thank you NP

    You guys absolutely rock. I ordered some stuff overnight. You weren't able to send over night because it was my first order and ya'll needed confirmation because my shipping and billing are 2 different addresses. not only did you guys refund my shipping but you still overnight delivered my order. Not only do i absolutely appreciate that, but after having 4 bank accounts stolen I commend you guys for waiting until i confirmed, and absolutely appreicate it. Thank you AM for introducing me to my new favorite supplement shop.

  2. yeah NP is pretty great. i'll never set foot in G*C again

  3. Glad to hear from someone that doesn't mind our verification policy

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cswalczakny
    yeah NP is pretty great. i'll never set foot in G*C again
    Np pulled me away from!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench

    Np pulled me away from!
    The fact that 1/2 the people on are a**holes is what pulled me away from there. The helpful folks here are the reason I stick with AM, good prices and selection are why I stick with NP.

    I'll be looking for that check in the mail for that commercial right there, np!
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  6. I am very happy to hear your experience was so positive. NP strives to have the best CS in the supplement industry.

    Thank you for your business
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