Why doesnt Nutraplanet ship to Thailand?

  1. Question Why doesnt Nutraplanet ship to Thailand?

    Going through the list of countries shipped to Thailand seems like its one of a very very select few countries not shipped to. The others being generally war torn countries. Neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam all make the list of countries they ship to but not Thailand, when asked if there's any form of an ETA the answer is a single No.

    Coming from NY NP used to be my go to for ordering but since moving here i'm stuck with some less than preferred sites. Anyone have any idea why Thailand is avoided by NP and if a pre-authorization with a US account would be possible to start shipping here.

    Or better yet a site with prices as good as Nutraplanets that ships to Thailand?

  2. Bumping up hoping for a rep to see this.

  3. Hey glbv,
    I wasn't aware that we didn't ship to Thailand, but it must be due to some customs restrictions. From your initial post, I take it you emailed NP Customer Service and told you there was no ETA on when we planned to start shipping to THailand?

  4. I was answered with just a "No". I could understand customs restrictions if other sites didnt ship here, but in my experiance if a site is international it ships here.

    There are no illegal/ban substinaces that would be turned away like Australia. I even just recently had 6lbs of protein 4lbs of bcaa and a preworkout shipped all with out hitting duty.

    So the choice to not ship here when theirs practically every other country even bordering countries is confusing.

  5. Chances are with steroids being freely available in Thailand that there isn't much of a call for natty supps

  6. cause i can do some test or sus doesnt mean i dont want to get some whey.


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