Is USPowders for real?

  1. Is USPowders for real?

    So what's the deal with USPowders Bulk Modern BCAAs? Is it the same as USP Modern BCAAs? Or are they imitating their big name? Does anyone know?
    I ordered like 5 kilos of the BCAAs, and don't really know what to expect...

  2. I tried to do some research online, but really couldn't find anything, which I thought was pretty freakin weird...

  3. Its the same as USP Labs Modern BCAA's.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by PrepNwa23 View Post
    Its the same as USP Labs Modern BCAA's.
    As he said, it's the same company. They sell some products in bulk from time to time as a "customer appreciation."

  5. No they arent real. Its an illusion.. Damn you David Blaine!!

    j/k.. Yes they are the same company as USP labs
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  6. As stated above USPowders will be delivering the same great quality as you would expect from USP Labs.


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