big bump for fast shipping

  1. big bump for fast shipping

    Ordered as soon as black friday sale went online and my package shipped out monday morning and will be here tomorrow, thanks nutra


  2. I've ordered since Friday and my order's still pending.

  3. Nutraplanet has always been good to me. Not the fastest Ive had but certainly reliable to get there in a regular timeframe. Even when something is listed as "oversold" I've never felt the hit of delay.
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  4. Same here ordered Friday and still PENDING!!! WTF
    I want my Anabeta!!!!

  5. some of it depends what products you ordered and what kind of demand and how fast their shipment comes in. I have always been on the waiting side of things so I am pumped to get mine fast this time, but I did not order any of the real hot items this year. Regardless, good deals are worth waiting a little for

  6. Yep just called and waiting on orange triad ! Should be out today the rep said!

  7. My order came in this morning! This was actually the fastest I've gotten anything from nutraplanet, I must have ordered at the right time!

    Lots of samples too

  8. Meanwhile mine is still in processing... Knowing their shipping schedule I won't get my stuff until next week now.. ****ing a

  9. Must be the orange triad then

  10. I got mine today. I am like a kid on christmas day

  11. If all your items are in stock, it usually ships out there same day/next day. Items listed as 1-3 business days are not in stock but are en route, and call hold up your order.

  12. Didn't know where to put this, thought here would be be a great place to put it. Just wanted to say YOUR AWESOME NUTRAPLANET!!! I just called <2 mins ago and the customer service was great! I believe someone by the name of Andrew picked up, told me what was holding my shipment AND (here's the kicker) said if I don't receive anything today, he'll split the shipment;send products when available no charge shipping to me XD awesome customer support I've got to say. Deff ordering again ASAP

  13. I thought Orange Triad was arriving today? All of my products were in-stock (1-3 business days etc etc) and still it's pending.


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