Nutraplanet's customer service

  1. Nutraplanet's customer service

    I've been a long time Nutraplanet customer I must say they have been excellent. All deliveries have been on time. My recent order I had ordered Slin Sane and Abliderate, but when I had received the package both products were there only problem the abliderate had spilled all over the box. I called customer service to replace the abliderate, unfortunately they had none none in stock. They decided to give me credit for it and used it towards VP's syngex 5 lb protein tub, on top of everything they had loaded the box filled with samples from ON protein and other various goodies!! THanks NP......wish u had abliderate in stock though..when will you guys restock??

  2. Thanks for the kind words and business! hope u had an anabolic thanksgiving.

    As for abliderate, ill have a solid ETA on Monday
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  3. I just wish they offered something other than Fedex shipping. I ordered a package 11/19 with two day shipping and won't get it until 11/28 because Fedex refuses to deliver to apartments and the office here is closed for the holidays. Considering I live about 50 feet from the office, that is weak sauce. I hate Fedex.

  4. Well, I paid for my order last sunday, It hasnt been shipped yet even though I paid for the more expensive service..Tried email them but they havent answered my mail. Would like my order canceled and money returned.

  5. I take this back..after placing an order this past weekend...was told wed. it was gonna ship nothing happend. called on thurs. said it was gonna ship later that day..i didn't later that day could mean any day after thursday...all I can say is don't tell your customer's it's gonna ship and it doesn't. I f they just said expect delays I would've been ok with ....



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