No Divanex, what to replace?

  1. No Divanex, what to replace?

    Has anyone used Athletix Division 1?
    Athletix Division 1 (120 capsules): Discount Division 1 Supplements

    If not, anything else? I want a cap, not bulk powder.

    NOW has this:
    NOW Foods Stinging Nettle Root (90 Vcaps): Discount Stinging Nettle Root Supplements

    But I'm not sure if it is the same quality as the Divanex.

  2. Division 1 is the exact same thing as Divanex, both great products, I've used both and they work the same. Great feedback from , here are a few logs if you wanna check them out, a lot of people are running it with TitaniumXL or Formula-X, imo this ingredient should always be stacked with Fenugreek or DAA.

    Enhanced reaching new levels with Athletix Sports' Titanium & Division 1 (Sponsored)]
    Erase/TitaniumXL/Division 1 Log
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Divanex should be back in stock by the end of next week.

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