np bcaa

  1. np bcaa

    I was wondering with what do you take nps bulk bcaa like what do u mix it with when u drink it?

  2. 1. straight up
    2. mixed with some crystal light (or something similar) or a gatorade type drink
    3. mix with 1 scoop of an already flavored bcaa mix to mask the flavorlessness of bulk bcaa (i.e. RecoverPro, Xtend, purple wraath, etc)

    I opt for option 3 usually.

  3. I do #2 or #3 from above. Good suggestions

  4. I'm a try #2 nd c how it goes if not ill do #3. thanks for the suggestions

  5. 1:1 with xtend, or koolaid powder and splenda.. always works out great.

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