1. Xtend

    I got my order of xtend today and i got watermelon and lemon lime. The lemon lime has a different package ive never seen before. Is this the international version?

  2. whats it look like?
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  3. Black lable like the others. Except instead of saying scientifically proven to build muscle and burn fat on the front it says formulated supplementary sports food. And the nutrition facts lable lists Energy as 131kJ (31.5 cal) protein as 7g and 0g fat and 0.8g carbs and 0.8g sugars. 0mg(mmol) sodium.

  4. I have watermelon and green apple here and the labels are different yes, not only,
    most likely if you look at them close one tubs will be slightly taller than the other,
    one says 1170gr and the other 1016gr, but both have 90 servings (1 serving = 2 scoops).
    It's normal, different plants or batches probably, slightly different serving dose (in grams),
    and most likely different scoop size between the two.
    But technically you get the same amount with both, they are the same product
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  5. Alright thanks, I was just curious since I never saw this lable before

  6. They are the same product. There were 3 versions made, the USA, Canada and Australia. The contents are the same, labels just look goofy.

  7. Thats weird, sounds like its a formula for another country lol. Consider yourself lucky
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  8. Lol ill save the container

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    Lol ill save the container
    They might become collectibles.. vintage sups
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