Poll: Who wants to see Fierce at Nutra?

Who wants SAN Fierce and Launch at Nutra?

  1. Who wants SAN Fierce and Launch at Nutra?

    Maybe you've never heard of it, so let me help you out:

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    Look close: a full dose of creatine, nitrates, malic acid, tyrosine and other nootropics, beta alanine, l-aspartic acid, and more. That's 14gr of active ingredients per scoop, and you never need more than one. It's crash free. Pumps are just stupid on Fierce. It tastes so****inggood! But don't take my word for it:

    Quote Originally Posted by laneanders
    Pump: 10 Seriously I am having a hard time comparing any other pump product to this. This received a 10 based on a low rep workout, which makes me wonder what sort of pump would have been achieve using a higher volume "pump" style routine. I was completely amazed and not expected that much pump. Seriously, it is very close to the best pump product I have ever used. Ever. The pump was completely ridiculous, and I say again this was a low rep workout.

    Energy: 9 The energy was definitely there, I can say that I have experienced more energy from other pre-workouts. That being said it was a good sort of energy. I didn't feel like I needed rehab or anything like that. No cracked out feeling, it took about 20 minutes to start and then about 30-35 minutes to fully peak. The energy lasted throughout the entire workout. I had no gas left in my tank when I finished. So it had just enough to complete my 1.5 hour workout. The energy was smooth though and there was no real crash. It did end sort of abruptly I recall finishing up with some heavy bicep curls, and thinking I am so glad this is my last set. Within 5 minutes of finishing that last set I was completely wiped out. So it packs enough punch to go for at least 1.5 hours of heavy lifting.

    Endurance: 9 This sort of coincides with the energy factor, but is more related toward how the energy was throughout the workout. So I can say that it was fairly solid. My typical workouts are usually under an hour, but I spent about 1.5 hours in the gym on 2 packs of FIERCE. It had just enough for me to finish, so it was pretty decent in the endurance category.

    Focus: 10 The focus actually seemed to kick in before I go to the gym. I was sort of in the zone on the drive there, and I had arrived before I even realized it. Despite hitting several red lights, I didn't even seem to notice them because I was so intent on the task at hand - getting to the gym.

    Cherry Flavor Taste: 7 I am a huge fan of cherry everything, it's my favorite fruit. My favorite flavoring, everything about cherry is my favorite. That being said...this was not my favorite. It barely tasted like cherry to me at all. Kudos on attempting something most companies seem to shy away from, but it wasn't very successful. I've talked to other people who have used this, and we seem to have a difference of opinion in this regard. I just know that I LOVE cherry and so perhaps I had a very high standard in this regard.

    Orange Flavor Taste: 8.5 To me this was much better done than the cherry. Again I've had some people disagree with me on this point, but I didn't come at the orange with very high expectations. So I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I've had a lot of very shoddy orange flavored supps in the past. So it was definitely better than I anticipated.

    Mixability: 10 I think that this stuff might be the best mixing pre-workout I've ever used. It's definitely up there, the stuff mixed almost without shaking. It was pretty incredible.

    Overall Effectiveness Score: 9.5 This score is a combination of factors. The pump, the energy, the sustainability of said energy, as well as the increased focus on the task at hand. This is a very high effectiveness score, and despite my not being a huge fan of the cherry flavor I would definitely recommend SAN's FIERCE to anyone interested in an effective pre-workout. I've used quite a few, the number of pre-workouts I have used is close to 20 at this point. SAN's FIERCE is definitely a FIERCE competitor.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrCooper69

    The samples mixed pretty quickly except for a little bit of grit, that stayed at the bottom of the cup. Unfortunately, this grit was bitter and chalky as hell, but who cares...it's a preworkout, FORCE IT IN.



    All my samples were the cherry. I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I personally LOVED the flavor (minus the bitter grit at the bottom). I will say this...it tastes NOTHING like cherries lol. But it's still very good, like a sweet passionfruit shake.



    I LOVE the energy on Fierce. It really is one of the top energy products I've ever tried. It doesn't overstim me at all, and I definitely get a mood uplift from the G. The energy doesn't creep in or hit you...in fact, I can barely even notice it's there. I just feel more motivated and slightly happier while on it. I actually prefer this because I don't feel like I'm entering a new world after I take my preworkout like I do with some products. My mindset and thought process are clear, and I do everything with a level head. I know it has 200mg caffeine, but it doesn't feel like it. Felt a lot like XF Vengeance actually. A+



    Again, I'm spoiled, repping for SNS and being a longtime Ultima user. It's tough to impress me in the focus department. While SAN Fierce didn't change my mindset as I noted above, I feel like the energy and performance benefits indirectly played into the focus. The tyrosine + caffeine combo is tried and true, and I honestly had such a nice mood uplift on Fierce that I just wanted to lift and not socialize. The mildest aspect of Fierce, IMO, but still well done.



    Ok. WTF. I know Fierce has creatine nitrate. But these pumps...I'm telling you, they are BEYOND most nitrate products out there. Damn near beyond agmatine and hemavol. I'm doing 5/3/1. I don't train for pumps. I almost never get pumps, ever. But doing 1 set of pullups, or 1 set of curls, or even 1 set of shoulder press, had my muscles inflated like I'd been doing multiple sets of high rep work. NO POISON DON't COME IN HERE AND SAY IT WAS THE ARGININE . JK, obviously the formula of Fierce is well done because as far as stimulant-based products go, THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST PUMP SUPPLEMENT I'VE EVER USED.



    Fierce is very similar to XF Vengeance in this regard as well. I feel like it's Vengeance's more stimmed cousin actually. The endurance is FANTASTIC. On my all-out sets that Jim Wendler prescribes, I was pushing new PRs every time I used Fierce. And this is NOT placebo because these all-out sets have me going to failure every time. Particuarly with respect to squats and deadlifts, which were going in the 10-12 rep range on my all-out sets, I could eek out an extra 1-2 reps, and was actually surprised how easily they came, considering the week before I was struggling mightily. And this was during an intense cutting period, so I was only seeking to maintain strength, not improve. Interset endurance was also elevated...I wanted to workout longer cuz I felt so damn good. But the intraset endurance is where this really shined. Nitrates + malate + aspartic acid ftw.




    Here is something to consider. With Fierce, you only EVER need 1 scoop. And you also hit your daily creatine needs each time you use it. Considering this...

    Fierce is a WINNER. One of the best stimmed formulas on the market. If I were to rank stimmed preworkout products, it goes:

    1. XF Vengeance
    2. SAN Fierce
    3. Presurge Unleashed
    4. Omega Flashover
    5. Focus XT

    That's right, Fierce is THAT GOOD. I highly suggest you try it if you haven't already.

    Cooper Approved
    Quote Originally Posted by bulkypinoy61
    The ENRGEY and PUMP was freaking insane today


    TASTE: Tangy Orange 10/10, Wild Cherry 8/10
    -I am always a big fan on orange flavor products, so SAN Tangy Orange was an A+ for me
    -Also this is probably one of the few Cherry Flavored products that I actually liked

    MIXABILITY: 10/10
    -Both mixes very easily and fast

    ENERGY: 8/10
    -It was not one of the best that I have used, but it sure did boost my workout intesity, specially while doing those long drop sets

    -All I have to say is High Intesity Drop Sets + SAN Fierce = Skin Bursting Muscle Pumps

    OVERALL: 9/10
    -tastes great
    -good energy
    -no after workout crashes
    -no jittery feeling
    -increase muscle pump
    Quote Originally Posted by tacticalreload
    Taste: 9/10 Wow, couldn't believe that the cherry was just as good as the orange. I figured it would score lower, but these two flavors were both great.

    Effectiveness: 9/10 Another workout crushed. I literally thought I was taking too short of a break between sets to my detriment.
    Quote Originally Posted by dem9
    Here is an initial taste review, will edit later for an review on its effects

    Taste: 9/10. Very good, I can't say I have had too many, if any at all, cherry flavored products to compare this to but either way it is an extremely enjoyable flavor.

    Okay, so just had a great workout and here is the rest of the review:

    Energy: Nothing crazy but a great smooth clean energy level that last through out my workout. 9/10

    Pump: Great pump, my shoulders felt like cannon balls. 9.5/10

    Endurance: I literally did not want to leave the gym, this helped me feel like I could lift for hours on end. 10/10

    Other notes: no stomach issues whatsoever which is a HUGE plus and I did not/have not crashed.


    Today I tried the orange flavor at I was a little hesitant at first because the last orange flavor I had was Animal Rage and that didn't taste good at all.

    Taste: 9/10. This was surprisingly very good and pretty refreshing.

    Energy: 9/10. Once again I had a nice smooth level of energy that carried me through a long workout after an even longer workday.

    Pump: 10/10 The pump today was out of this world. I tried to take my tee-shirt off after my workout and I literally struggled for a solid minute or two. My back and biceps were as pumped as they have ever been.

    Endurance: 9/10. Great endurance, once again I just wanted to keep going at the weights.

    As mentioned before I still experienced zero stomach issues or crash problems.

    I can do this all day: legit reviews from standup guys. Fierce is that good. So who would like to see it carried at Nutra?

  2. Launch 4350

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    Orange Tang

    10/10 Sweet and tangy, so delicious my face didnt even cringe so thats a plus.

    9.5/10 Mixed almost perfectly, although there were some tiny white dots in the mixture.

    10/10 Stims almost have no affect on me and i felt some pretty good energy off of this with no crash.

    Solid 10/10 Veins were coming out of my shoulders and chest, Pumps were unbeleivable my legs felt so engorged, this was definately my favorite part about Launch

    9.8 Excellent Pre-workout, anyone who was skeptical or thinking about trying launch should definately give it a try, you wont regret it
    Launch 4350 -

    Taste - 8.5/10 - Mixed one packet of launch with 8oz of water. Taste was light and refreshing. Had a little tickle in the throat when i drank it but nothing to worry about.

    Effects - Now this is where the fun part. I usually stay away from 1,3 due to the side effects I get but this product felt very clean. Most other products I've taken that had 1,3 contained YOHIMBE which might have triggered the akward anxiety and weird feeling and crash. This product didnt cause any of that. It doesn't hit you hard all at once, it just creeps up and gives you steady rush of adrenaline. Focus was amazing! I had already planned on what I wanted to do before I headed to the gym but today was no ordinary day. I just felt like doing it all. Hit every part of my body and did alot of supersets with minimal rest periods. I had no heart palpations, anxiety or any sort of dizzyness feelings. The only thing about this product is, You GOTTA BECAREFUL COZ U MIGHT BE IN THE GYM FOR TOO LONG! I usually workout about 1-1.5, but today when i left the gym , i checked the time and was in there for 3 hours. Time was just not an issue today. effects i give it 9.5. It would be a 10 if i knew the prop ingredients. I dont know how much caffeine is in this, but it felt very clean. I think this product is great for circuit training, sports, boxing, basketball. FIERCE would be great for Strength training.

    I might have to pick up a tub of this as well and use it for conditioning and circuit training.
    The taste of the tangy orange was had a slight bite to it...it was tart, sweet & had a slight orange taste to it..vs the orange Fierce I have to give a slight edge to Fierce for the orange flavor...Launch 4350 wasn't bad my any means trust it's easy to go down but Fierce had a more Orange taste to it.

    I took my serving & headed to the gym for my workout. I sware SAN is a group of Ninjas in regards to energy because once again w/Launch 4350 it doesn't really hit you at all in the face w/a burst of energy...On the way to the gym I noticed this sense of calm I had that came over me like I was mentally getting ready to lift. By the time I got to the gym I was ready for my workout...here is what it consisted of..

    Wide Grip Pullups super setted w/Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
    Barbell Row
    T-Bar Row
    One Arm DB row super setted w/wide grip cable row

    As I mentioned earlier the energy just creeps up on you through out your workout & that's exactly how it was yesterday. It's something you realize once you get warmed up and you notice yourself pushing harder then you normally would & getting those extra reps and your rest in between sets is less...I dont' normally superset lifts but I wanted to give it a go cause I just felt great yesterday through out my workout...the focus I had was very clear minded like I knew what I wanted to accomplish and didn't wanna let anything stop me from that...I had a real nice pump in my biceps but not so much in my lats.

    By the time I got to Deadlifts I thought I would of been wiped but nope. I was able to go hard on my deadlifts and worked up to 245lbs x3 which was good for me.


    I warmed up for 5 minutes on the stationary bike then proceeded to move on to the squat rack. Here was a rundown of my Lower A routine. Simple yet effective

    Hack Squats
    Lying Leg Curls
    Standing Calf Raises

    Bye the time I got my first set of Squats done I was in that zone of wanting to just push myself. I really felt that crazy surge of energy & focus during hack squats. I was really excited to get these done cause I haven't done them for a while. Each rep & set I was just pushing myself to the point where I couldn't even walk by the last set.

    I usually don't get a pump in my legs but last night I had such a strong pump going when I was on the hack squat machine then a strong pump in my hamstrings when I was performing lying leg curls.

    Needless to say yesterday was a very productive workout. I went into the gym knowing what I wanted to do & I accomplished that. Example was on squats, last week I had 205lbs x3...I wanted to add an extra rep w/205lbs for my last set & I did. I know that weight isn't much but to me setting a goal & accomplishing it is gratifying.

    I had great energy, focus, & pump last night & killed my workout in 45 minutes.

  3. +1 for fierce!

  4. yes please!

  5. Roll it in NP! Do it.....Dooooo it...

  6. Heey!! Rock on NP, I see Fierce is up on the store front! Noyce!

  7. Wha.....???

  8. NO WAY!!!


    It looks to be Wild Cherry, too. OMGasm.

  9. NICE! I've actually never had the wild cherry, only the orange. Love the orange though, but wild cherry sounds even better.

  10. They should get an updated write up. They put up the old-fierce information.

  11. Ingredient list is current, though. I'll see if they can change the writeup.

  12. I just thought it might be a good idea. I never realised fierce's formula had changed (specifically the removal of glucocyamine) because the writeups never were updated. funny thing is i never actually had the version with glucocyamine. I avoided fierce because this ingredient was apparently there and i know this is/was a popular turnoff about the product.

    Just my 2 cents.

  13. The writeup definitely must change, thanks for the heads up.

  14. launch is seriously one of the best PW on the market IMO. i havent really looked into the ingredients much, just had a few samples and tried it. for me, its in my top 3 pre workouts.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  15. I love these as well its in my top five.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    launch is seriously one of the best PW on the market IMO. i havent really looked into the ingredients much, just had a few samples and tried it. for me, its in my top 3 pre workouts.
    Holy crap, I just accidentally negged you! Sorry man! Why the hell does the forum software default to the neg when you click it? I'll get you back.

    Anyway, thanks, glad you like Launch. I hope Nutra can get Launch (preferably pills) in stock.

  17. yeah i was like wth did i do?
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  18. Holy crap, man, I know. I'm really sorry, lol, I can't believe it does that. You're now on spread, it's retarded.

    Anyway, Fierce promo, come and get em!

    Want to try some FIERCE samples and win? ENTER HERE!!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Holy crap, I just accidentally negged you! Sorry man! Why the hell does the forum software default to the neg when you click it? I'll get you back.

    Anyway, thanks, glad you like Launch. I hope Nutra can get Launch (preferably pills) in stock.
    that happened to me the other day as well. its a pain.

  20. Never ordered from you guys. Better deals than bb.com ?

  21. no prob man!
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  22. When will Fierce be back in stock?

  23. does Fierce still come in Cherry? I can only seem to find orange


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