Andro-series thoughts?

  1. Andro-series thoughts?

    What are your opinions on the andro series? Worth the money? Androlean, androhard, and andromass. Do they work? Results? I know how to bulk without mega supplements but really what I'm concerned about it cutting my core and getting abs (ya I have a diet and excersise), but is androlean+hard stack worth the money?

  2. The Natural Steroid Revolution is here AndroHard, AndroMass & AndroLean

    That should get you started. I haven't used the series, but you can find a lot of information in that thread and look at the various logs on here and in other places. Most of the responses I've personally seen have been positive. Obviously the question of "worth the money" is going to vary depending on the person, the financial situation, the goals, etc. That thread should give you a good piece of information though as to figuring out if the Androseries is for you.

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