Nutrapro consistency??

  1. Nutrapro consistency??

    Just received a new 5lb container of strawberries & cream protein. The consistency is like sand. This is the first time it has been like this. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same and if I should return it???


  2. Never tried that flavor, but been nothing but satisfied with the 15 lbs. of NutraPro I've used.

  3. I've been satisfied as well. It has never had this consistency though. This 5lb container is almost like sand though. It seems to taste the same, just had me having second thoughts on whether to try it. All previous containers I've had were like a fluffy powder. Just wanted to see why it is different.

  4. the non-naturals NPro chocolate I swear by is like sand. ON's chocolate is very powdery and fine. the NPro is more coarse but is actually more dissolvable.

  5. i have 2 5lb NutraPro Naturals, and this was the first time going with this protein. Im experiencing the same thing. A more course consistency. This was a HUGE downgrade in taste and mixability IMO from myofusion. But it was so damn cheap...oh well, it dont taste bad, it's just not-so-great.
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  6. I just got a tub of the Strawberries and Cream about 2 weeks ago and mine is fluffy. This is my first time buying the Nutra brand protein. I have to agree with 808rebel, it was so cheap i couldnt pass it up. That being said next time i will spend the extra coin on a more tasty protein powder. Im actually finding it a little hard to make it through the tub.


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