Customs declarations, UK, charge on a $310 order, on a $60 order!

  1. Customs declarations, UK, charge on a $310 order, on a $60 order!

    Hi there, just opened the customs invoice for a package I bought from you, and the ammount they want is far in excess of the order ( 232540 )I placed.
    bought 2 bottles of anabeta at $60 dollars total, and UK customs want....

    Duty 24.26
    VAT 42.76
    fee 8

    total 75.02 ($119)

    this represents what would be a declared value of 210 , or about $320! this is probably an error in reading the lable by customs, but I thought Id mention it as my last purchase from you also had a customs deceleration of a fair bit higher than actual value.
    I understand you need to cover your losses with insurance when a package goes missing, but just want to make sure you guys are away of the total this can add, it used to be far cheaper to order from the US even considering these import charges, but this is making it less of an option....

    thanks for your generally great service and range, Im thinking I may need a letter from you specifying the exact values, but I shall get back to you after I can contact customs.

  2. Mate, did it come through fedex? Just curious since I generally order from NP to the UK every couple of months and never had an issue, i always select the international express option and comes via fedex, I even did a post once on how to work out how to keep your purchases below the duty threshold, it's in the NP section but I can hunt the link if you would like.

    I really hope you get to the bottom of this, since I could easily end up in the same scenario!

    Keep this thread updated if you can mate! Good luck, hope you get it sorted...

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