Problems with international Shipping

  1. Problems with international Shipping

    Hello Nutraplanet rep's.

    I order my first Nutraplanet order on 6th of June to Europe. Fantastic, good products, was very quick and it arrives my home without any stop in Customs, i thought is was due to the price was below 60$. The company that delivered my house was "CTT".

    Now almost 3 weeks after i add the opportunity to buy Anabeta from PES, and again the same type of order, but instead of 1 AT2+1ERASE, was 2 Anabeta.

    Strange when i was paying that the value of shipping was a little cheaper, no difference because i saw no differences in the choices. After that today it arrive my country via Fedex, not the same company as the first time, and they told the products are stopped in the Costums due to an error in the bill sent by Nutraplanet!! I paid around 85$, and the bill in the box is more then 200$! So now i have:

    - 1st Costums want me to charge at leat 23% taxes (don't paid this the first time)
    - 2nd Fedex wants to charge to pick the order, and a lot more taxes.

    So i receive an extra bill to pay with an amount of around 85$.

    Hope someone of nutra see this and help me here, as is not normal for me to pay 85$ for an order of 2 bottles and already more than 25$ to ship internationally, and even have to pay another 85$ for an error/change that was not my fault?

    Hope to receive some feedback from you on my subject.

    Regards for all, hopping to solve this in a good way.

  2. NP is not your countries customs they are not charging you a duty or vat that is your country doing that.

  3. I know that. I'm not saying that.

    I repeat, as maybe was not clear:

    NP sent an INCORRECT BILL, with a value of more than 200$ that make sounding the Customs alert.

    Now the customs STOPPED the order, for picking the order again the customs + Fedex have fees due to the stoppage of the order.

    Is not NP fault to SEND INCORRECT bills? Please, if no one wants to be responsible its is a position, but the answer was like i was pushing someone on one thing that is my fault.

  4. Contact NP customer service and explain the situation to them politely and i bet they can get it sorted out for you.

  5. Hey Sik, please shoot me a PM with your order number and I'll make sure this is taken care of for you. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  6. Stryder PM sent, and one thing more. This kind of answer i expect, my idea was not to come here putting NP down or talking BS.

    It was completly different, i respect this company a lot! They have all the brands, cheap prices, etc. But as in all companies sometimes problems occurs.

    I work in a Big Multinational with 70000 emploies, so maybe i already heard from costumer satisfaction.


  7. Stryder you have received my PM?

    I receive the order today, charged by fedex, only these now, 123.5$. Double the price of anabeta 2x in taxes. This is not normal...

    So my order of 2x Anabeta = 210.5 $.

    LOL i'm smilling as this only can be a joke...

  8. Such a thanks to Stryder.

    This kind of support is not surprise, coming from a BIG company like NUTRAPLANET!

    Thanks for the support on this order, REGARDS!!



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