Current version of RPM available at Nutra?

  1. Current version of RPM available at Nutra?

    Is there more than one formula for RPM that is in stock at Nutraplanet at the moment? I had a friend order some a good while back, and he said he DIDN'T get the version that is currently on the Nutraplanet website. I believe he said he got an older one, where the ingredients on his bottle didn't match what was up on Nutra's site. He said the version that IS on the site is the better one. If I make an order...of the normal size or the big block...can I be assured to get the version that is up on the website?


  2. You will get the most recent RPM unless there was a change a few weeks ago that completely went under the radar. You can always call in and have them take a second look at the label from the stock room if you really want as well. They'll bend backwards to make sure you're completely satisfied.

  3. Thanks for the reply Steve!

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