Nutra, please get MST's C5 back in stock, ASAP! PLEASE!!!

  1. Nutra, please get MST's C5 back in stock, ASAP! PLEASE!!!

    Like the title says...

    I am so mad right now because I just got paid and have been anxiously waiting to place an order all this time since I saw the deal on C5, and now it is f'n out of stock, ughhh just my luck. I knew I should've placed an order a lot earlier, but I wanted to wait till I got more funds that way I'd be able to get that much more C5. Man, I was so excited to place this order today; in a matter of days I was going to be in C5 heaven, now, not so much.

    To all the reps, will you guys be getting more C5 soon? Like possibly by the end of next week hopefully? And if it's not too much to ask, please keep C5 at the current price when you guys re-stock least for a day or two. I am so mad at myself right now, it's not even funny. I was so thrilled to finally stock up on my favorite product and now I am completely bummed out of my mind. I'm not going to wait anymore. I'm going to place an order tonight since there's only 1 more Ultra VO2 left and I'd be damned if I don't get it.

    What just really bugged me is that yesterday C5 didn't have like a warning that shows how many units are left. It just said "In Stock, ships within 1-2 days, etc". Then I check today and all of a sudden it just went out of stock. Usually when something gets low in inventory, the warning status in red is listed under the price showing how many units of the product is left. Had I known the inventory on C5 was low, I would not have waited. Ughhhh, so mad. I hope you guys come through quick.

  2. This^

    It told me there was only 2 left..but I dont remember when I checked last when it said that.
    But I second this, I was going to purchase some c5 as well and now its out of stock

  3. It just sucks, really bad. I saved up so much. I should've just placed an order earlier.

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