This would be a good idea NUTRA !

  1. This would be a good idea NUTRA !

    Not sure if this has ever been mentioned, but I am seeing lots of sites doing this now. I know nutra constantly is giving sales and carrying outstanding prices, but I wonder if you guys could perhaps put some type of daily deal or blue-light special up on a daily basis.

    Just some ideas....

    1. maybe run a daily deal all day on a particular item.
    2. maybe run a daily deal from 8-10am or "midnight special"
    3. maybe run a daily deal for large quantities (i.e. 3kg glutamine for $75, etc..)

    This was just a thought, and sorry if this has been discussed before, but i think it would definitely get some purchases from me.

  2. I think that sounds great. I love checking those sites for the daily deal. It's a fun of its own.

  3. great idea...
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  4. I know we've discussed the possibility of daily deals in the past. There is a considerable amount of organization that would be required for this, as a lot of deals are made possible through discounts through manufacturers. I know we try and have atleast one or two different sales running during the week though to keep things spicy

  5. Thats a solid idea
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by houstontexas View Post
    I think that sounds great. I love checking those sites for the daily deal. It's a fun of its own.
    i agree with this. i'm always excited to see what the "deal of the day" is.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Thats a solid idea
    You sir!!!! Bring on the ETA.. LMAO!!!


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