Nutraplanet order question

  1. Nutraplanet order question

    Hi all,

    I ordered 3 products from nutraplanet store and they are asking for verification.Do i need to send verification number to [email protected] m.Also, how much time would they take to ship.I choose the fastest delivery method(2-4days)

  2. Shipping will depend upon the items. If they are in stock, they usually ship within 24 hours (if not sooner). They will ship out of Georgia as well.

    In terms of verification I am not sure what you are referring to. If possible could you pm me a copy of the screen that you are getting so I can see it? Also, please note that NP is closed for the weekend.

    Thank you for your business
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Order status is shipped Now my question,how much time will it take to reach south asia(india).

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