Bulk Powder COA's

  1. Bulk Powder COA's

    Need a COA for that bulk powder you just purchased from NP? No problem just enter the number found on the bottom of the jar into the Lot# Lookup form in your "My Account" page.

    This means no more out of date COA's on product pages. The COA you get in the Lot# Lookup tool is the COA for the powder that is in your jar.

    P.S: This is a pretty new service, so bulk powders ordered in the past may or may not have their COA information available, but all current and future bulk powders will be available.

  2. Nice!
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  3. Awesome! NP is the Sh*t
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Nice job, NP
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  5. Definitely a pretty nifty function that we've been working hard on for a while to implement.



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