BIG Titanium and Erase SALE at Nutraplanet!!!

  1. BIG Titanium and Erase SALE at Nutraplanet!!!

    You can get this amazing deal for only $34.99!!!!!

    Erase + Titanium Stack: Extreme Performance & Testosterone Enhancement!

    Each Stack Includes the Following:

    1X Erase (90 caps)
    1X Titanium (60 caps)

    The Ultimate Synergy Behind Stacking Erase & Titanium:
    Stacking Erase with other testosterone boosters allows those testosterone boosters to work better than they would on their own, WITH all of the extremely natural anabolic properties of Erase to go along with it.

    Since testosterone boosters are designed to increase testosterone, they then also can increase cortisol and estrogen. But you don’t want that new increase in testosterone to be coupled by a hormone working against it, or converted to estrogen! By stacking testosterone boosters with Erase, that competition between muscle gain and muscle loss will be inhibited and you will get maximal muscle building benefits, and have more total testosterone remain in your bloodstream.

    So now your test booster is even more effective. Along with that, Erase will also be exerting its own testosterone boosting and cortisol lowering properties!

    What can I expect from Athletix Titanium?

    Titanium is the closest you will get to achieving the growth from prohormones without the liver, kidney, and lipid dysfunction associated with it. Users can expect to see:

    .Greatly Accelerated Growth (given the proper diet of 1-2g of protein per pound of bodyweight)
    .Decrease Recovery Time Between Workouts
    .Massive Increase in Total Testosterone
    Decrease in Fat Tissue
    .Marked Increase in Strength and Explosiveness
    .Enhanced Sexual Performance

    Erase: Potent Estrogen Destroyer!
    Performance Enhancing Supplements is proud to present to you ERASE!
    Product Overview:
    .Erase Cortisol!
    .Erase Fat Storage!
    .Increase Testosterone!
    .Increase Fat Loss!
    .Increase Sex Drive!
    .Increase Muscle Mass!
    .Increase Recovery!

    Titanium FeedBack

    "NP Rating:
    Super Product! By Xerxes By: chad
    Review posted on: Sun Jan 16 20 53 -0500 2011

    Here's what I like about Titanium, its simplicity. Titanium possesses a humble, but highly effective ingredient profile. All of the ingredients within Titanium are tried and tested, and together pack a very potent punch. While on the product I experienced some of my best gains while not on cycle; I ran through 2 bottles and gained roughly 5 lbs, slimmed my waist line and dropped 1.5% body fat. I was eating slightly above my caloric maintenance (approx 300 calories) while taking Titanium and I still lost a bit of body fat and put on more muscle then I normally do while clean bulking without supplementation. I should however note that I was eating completely "clean", training hard and not consuming any alcohol, etc. Also I had a raging libido like I was 16 years old again, so this was also definitely a plus in my book.

    Overall I really enjoyed the product and I will be purchasing again! I am currently running a Beastdrol cycle and plan on running Titanium as a part of my PCT. "

    "NP Rating:
    BEST of its kind! By: Louis
    Review posted on: Sun Jan 02 15:44:35 -0500 2011

    This is a GREAT product! At $19.95, when it is on sale, it also has an amazing price. I have used both Testopro and Titanium now, and Titanium worked significantly better! Libido and sexual health benefits were very noticeable with this product, in addition to increases in overall strength. Best of all, NO proprietary blend; you know exactly what you're buying!"

    "Overall Rating: 9/10
    Posted by: itsbiglou

    So this was my first test booster that I've ever tried. I read a few reviews before I decided to give it a try, and at $24, I said WHY NOT!

    A lot of people like the fact that they don't disguise their ingredients by a proprietary blend which is a plus! I started doing a little more research on fenugreek and read some really good reviews on it.
    So, day 1, I popped 1 pill 30 mins before my bicep workout. I don't know if it was the placebo effect, but I had a great bicep workout this day and felt like I could have kept goin and goin! The pump was amazing! I am very prone to muscle spasms whenever i go hard on my biceps and I definitely experienced some spasms later on in the night (not Titaniums fault).

    On chest day, I noticed more intensity and pushed through my workout with no problem! My usual max on bench press is 290lbs x 3-4 reps with no spotter. I set a small PR of 5 reps with no problem! I noticed my chest stayed pumped for an additional 2-3 days as one of my button down shirts felt somewhat tight...I even got a compliment from my lady friend about how big my chest looked that day. A definite plus!

    Overall I was very impressed and happy with this product. I did notice it took about 2 weeks to really start to feel the effects, unfortunately, I only bought one bottle and I was dosing 3 pills spread out throughout the day. So as the 3rd week hit, I could tell this product was really working but I only had enough to last me another week. I am looking forward giving this another run very soon, this time I will buy 2 bottles so I can run it at least for 5 weeks or so cause I plan on dosing it at 4 pills daily on the last week. Bigger guys might have to dose a little higher at 3-4 per day (I'm 213lbs)
    Give this a try, you'll really like the nutty smell it gives off as soon as you pop off the cap!"

    "Overall Rating: 10/10
    Posted by: Bama123

    Here are some results over the last couple of weeks:

    Dosing: Seems that the best spot for me was 2 capsules with my preworkout meal and 1 capsule at a different point in the day but spread 12 hours apart. I felt absolutely fantastic with this stuff especially after taking two capsules, as mentioned before I have low test naturally so this has really seemed to bump me back up and this dosing is probably the best way for me. I never went to 4 caps just because I didn't get two bottles but I am definitely going to give this a shot next time.

    Libido: Where do I start with this subject, my libido has been through the roof, it has really been a night and day different for me and I can't say how much better I feel about myself because of it. I had lost a lot of interest in sex compared to when I was younger but not so much anymore. My significant other hasn't minded either as I was usually the one who was limiting the process just do to lack of interest (yeah yeah yeah I know). I did notice my libido was higher at night than in the morning, not really sure why other than because I was taking two caps late afternoon before working out.

    Mood: I have mentioned a few other times in the log that my mood had changed a lot even with the first dose of Titanium. Athletix mentioned that it was due to the ingredient LCLT, I don't know too much about it but I'll take his word and say thanks for adding that one in. I was debating taking two capsules in the morning and one in afternoon even though I workout later in the day just so I didn't have to drink coffee in the morning but figured it was probably best I felt good during my workout so I could stick it out.

    Strength: This was definitely up but it is hard to say how much was Titanium and how much was the fact the LCLT made me feel amazing and helped me push through my workouts. Judging by the libido boost I assume my test levels have come up significantly and this would obviously increase strength and weight gain. My bench has gone up 20 lbs for 6 reps since I started with most of the gains coming earlier in the cycle of Titanium, maybe because I wasn't as active as I am now.

    Overall weight gain: 4 lbs and I seem leaner.

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars - I have to give it a perfect rating because it did everything I was hoping it did plus some, since it increased mood. I actually wasn't expecting libido to be as high as it was as some test boosters in the past didn't quite wow me as much but I could have been choosing the wrong ones."

    Titanium and Erase Logs
    Erase / Titanium / DAA / Mesomorph for February Gym Punishment!

    Adamantium-Erase-Titanium Stack Review

    Titanium Logs
    Athletix Sports Titanium Log - Road to a higher libido!
    Packers6211 Log: Titanium/Adamantium/Ancient Strength/Creatine MH 1000
    Mesomorph/Creatine Nitrate and Titanium/Adamantium Super Athlete Stack Log
    RepThat's Logging Adamantium/Titanium
    Athletix Adamantium for April! (and Titanium, too!)

    Some Feedback on AnabolicMinds

    Originally Posted by p5skyI used Titanium solo with good results: increased strength and vascularity and increased appetite, so I got some good growth, a good 5-6 lbs. Some may need to bump Titanium to 3/day but I am 170-175 lbs so 2/day worked for me.

    Originally Posted by BigBlackGuyTitanium is the best fenugreek supplement out there, imo. Erase should be started in week 3, titanium should be run the whole time through PCT. Two bottles of titanium would be optimal, but 1 will definitely work.

    Originally Posted by BamaDogOverall weight gain: 4 lbs and I appear leaner.

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars - I have to give it a perfect rating because it did everything I was hoping it did plus some, since it increased mood. I actually wasn't expecting libido to be as high as it was as some test boosters in the past didn't quite wow me as much but I could have been choosing the wrong ones.

    Originally Posted by RepThat21Results: As far as results go, I have definitely made great progress this month. I was slowly seeing results from my recomp before starting this stack, but in the last month while on it I ended up down to 182-183 from 185-186 and definitely am more vascular and have more separation in my muscles. Abs are starting to pop(finally) and I would estimate if i was 13-15% BF before I am probly down around 11-13% now. The best part is strength has stayed almost exactly the same this whole stack too. Usually my strength dips a lot when I cut down weight, not so on this stack though. Overall, I would definitely purchase this product/stack and plan to in the future. Muscle hardness, vascularity, and aggression were all great for a natty stack.

    Erase Feedback

    Erase Reviews and Testimonials

    "NP Rating:
    Fantastic By: Adam
    Review posted on: Tue Nov 16 1305 -0600 2010
    A certain staple. This is my second bottle, which I am stacking with AT2, and I gotta say this stuff is for real. Leaning out nicely, strength is maintaining, and overall feel very good. I will say that there is a small side for me, which is increased acne. However, for the price and effectiveness, its all good. Even got a few buddies on this as well.

    "NP Rating:
    its a WINNER! By: amos
    Review posted on: Sun Nov 07 2325 -0600 2010

    this product rocks. cheap, very effective and ...did I mention cheap? been using this for bout 2 weeks or so. leaning out, staying hard all day, drying out a little bit and no complaints for sides at all. this will be a staple in my cupboard

    "NP Rating:
    Love Erase By: Andrew
    Review posted on: Wed May 25 21:26:59 -0500 2011

    Erase is the first supplement I have used in the past 5 years. As far as an all around supplement goes it gets my vote. I have tried everything you can imagine. Erase helped me lean out, gain a little lean mass, and feel more motivated and more sexual urge. I took 3 caps per day for 8 weeks, just bought 2 more bottles to do another 8 weeks after my 4 week break. All I take now is Erase, Fish Oil, Jack3d preworkout only, CreaPure every day, protein, Multi Vitamin, food.

    "NP Rating:

    Great for my lean bulk By: Mike
    Review posted on: Sun Apr 10 23:55:58 -0500 2011

    I took erase with shift for a lean bulk. this was after i lost 11lbs on alpha-t2. My goal with the lean bulk was to not gain any fat, but get stronger and harder. this stack let me to exactly that. Shift really gives a "warm" feeling. I took 2 pills in the morning and then 1 more later and 1 more before bed. Erase i did 1 in the morning 1 during day and 1 at night. It dried me out very nice. Great hardener and libido booster. Also noticed some increase aggression in the gym I got even leaner during my lean bulk but did not lose any weight, which was exactly what I was looking for. I am going to do a super lean bulk in the summer with erase, shift, alpha-t2, and maybe some DAA

    Some Feedback on AnabolicMinds

    Originally Posted by evan
    just on day 3 but i have been dieting 4 just under a month and was stuck for close to a week at 186(from 206) as of this morning i am at 183, i am noticing water loss and increased definition, which is why i brought the products. I am attributing the primary short term affect to the erase, as i was on mitotropin which is similar to alpha t2 and did not have this noticeable of a diuretic affect. I also am feeling a thermic affect as i was heated, past normal, to the point where it was noticeable. love the short term effects exactly what i wanted, just waiting to see what happens in a month.

    only negative is these pills stink to high hell

    on a side note i really love the simplicity of the ingredient profiles and you telling me how much product i am taking(as i mentioned before purchase) great job PES keep up the good work

    Originally Posted by dat dude
    I'm on my third day of Erase and all I can say is wow it's strong. I've taken AI's in the past so I know when my estrogen is low. I took two the first day three yesterday and probably will take two today. I may have to drop down to one erase a day. I seem to respond to supplements really well. I just received my DAA and P-5-P from nutraplanet a few minutes ago. I wil be stacking Alpha T 2, Erase, DAA, albuterol and P-5-P. Thanks for a great product.

    I think my sweet spot with erase is two a day. I can see and feel a differnce already. My skin is tighter and I'm more vascular. Honestly I feel good lol..

    Originally Posted by EasyEJL
    I have always had high estrogen levels, although luckily it never created a gyno issue. For comparison's sake, when my total test level was in the 270 range, E2 was at 61. Its been sort of a plague for me, as that high of an estrogen level makes fat gain distribution different than normal, plus it makes it harder to lose. I started taking erase at 3 caps a day, and by midway through the second week I started noticing joint dryness, and dropped down to 2 caps a day. It definitely made a noticeable impact on fat loss, as well as on retained water. I looked dryer and more vascular.

    As a rough estimate, 2 caps a day of erase had about the same effect on me as taking 100-150mg/day of 6-bromo. For the price of Erase, it looks like its a pretty hard to beat all natural DSHEA compliant aromataze inhibitor. I plan on picking up more, and running 2 caps a day for a long span of time. Definitely also planning on using it during my last 8 weeks precontest.

    Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy
    it's doing wonders for me. I have naturally high levels of E2 and I think using erase is great, along with cort control.

    I had taken an overnight position at a place and was working 40 hours a week on top of 6 classes at school and man, let me tell you that was a recipe for disaster. After a few short weeks my arms had dropped by a full INCH and though I was slightly leaner, I had lost a ton of weight. I recently quit and got myself some erase and I think the anti-cortisol properties are really helping out.

    those compounds come with some negative sides. I like the idea that ERASE is lipid-friendly.[/QUOTE]

    All the feedback from both Titanium and Erase are Nothing short of Phenomenal and that is just a small amount of amazing feedback Titanium and Erase has.

    You can get both these amazing products right now for only $34.99! Get it while supplies last!

    Erase and Titanium STACK
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  2. The best of all worlds. 2 great supps at a great price at the best retailer.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Great deal there by NP
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    The best of all worlds. 2 great supps at a great price at the best retailer.

    Nutra always delivers
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. WOWZERZZZZZ This stack is now down to only $34.99
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. This is not a deal!!!! This is a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Def tossingthis on my next order

  8. Quote Originally Posted by louisaboy View Post
    This is not a deal!!!! This is a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by TehProdigy View Post
    Def tossingthis on my next order
    Def a killer deal!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  9. Quote Originally Posted by louisaboy View Post
    This is not a deal!!!! This is a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big TIME! Can't believe how cheap this stack is on sale for, unreal!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  10. Bump killer deal!

    Very sick stack!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  11. Nutraplanet and Athletix sale is still on! Check out the crazy prices.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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