Beta-alanine scoop?

  1. Beta-alanine scoop?

    Is the lil scoop the bulk BA comes with really 1.6g? It looks to be a .5g scoop, same size as the one i got with ALCAR and GABA.

  2. There is no set scoop for any given amount because different powders have different densities.

    For example, if you took a scoop of flour and the same scoop pf sugar, you'd have maybe twice the amount of sugar (based on weight) than you did flour.

    For this reason, you may see the same scoop in different products giving different dosage amounts.

  3. Thanks custom.
    I also ask bc the pp bulk BA has a much bigger scoop then then the np bulk BA.

  4. I wish the scoop's had longer handles, like the one that came with my bulk LCLT. Its the only bulk scoop that I don't have to dig for when the container gets low.

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