Shipping to Canada.

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  1. Well considering my Nutra order was $423 with heavy stuff $50 for shipping was a hell of a good deal. It ended being $60 at the door but thats customs fault, not Nutraplanets.

    Nutra has amazing customer service, if anyone is to blame it's customs!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    I've got a follow-up meeting with a shipping solutions representative to get ground transit in place for Canada...hopefully this will result in some significant savings for our Canadian customers!

    Will keep you guys posted
    I PM'd Stryder a couple of days ago about this but no answer. Any update on getting cheaper shipping to Canada?


  3. Quote Originally Posted by obvious View Post
    I PM'd Stryder a couple of days ago about this but no answer. Any update on getting cheaper shipping to Canada?

    As of this morning UPS Standard Ground is now a possible shipping option for Canada customers. This will save anywhere around $1 - $10 in shipping costs for most customers. As pretty much always the discount gets better the heavier the package is.

  4. Hey Obvious, sorry for not updates until today.

    We've implemented ground service to Canada via UPS to provide more economical rates. As nricciar stated, because this is a new courier, the rates are at a lower tiered discount until the volume starts to kick in.

    We've tested the rates and found Ontario to be 30% cheaper than our existing comparable rates (other destinations have less discount at this time). We will be working closely with UPS to ensure we get the best rates possible as the volume to Canada grows.

    Thanks to all for your patience!

  5. If "UPS Ground" is the same as "UPS Standard" service, it should be avoided at all costs for shipments to Canada. This is the one that does not include the brokerage fee in the rate. Also, from some of the posts here, there seems to be some confusion about what a brokerage fee is. All delivery methods and all couriers are required to collect GST (federal tax), PST (provincial sales tax) plus any additional duties or tariffs that apply to some product types (usually stuff made outside of the NAFTA zone has a duty on top of the taxes.) On top of these fees, some couriers charge a brokerage fee, which is a fee for filing the import paperwork with the government.

    Anyway, because the brokerage fee is not included, UPS Standard service often ends up being more expensive for smaller shipments.

    You can see the brokerage fees for UPS at the following table, and see which methods include the brokerage fee in the service:
    UPS: Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada

    So, for my typical order of $100-$200, UPS Standard would charge me $29 in brokerage on top of the GST, PST, etc.. I can pretty much guarantee NutraPlanet that they will get the highest level of customer dissatisfaction for orders shipped via UPS Standard.

    The only shipping method that has any sort of cost advantage is postal mail, as Canada Post usually does not bother collecting duty or even taxes on small value shipments. (Though I can't recall offhand what the dollar amount is.)

    These days, pretty much all other couriers include the brokerage fees in their rates. By the way, the DHL service was awesome.

  6. Hey Macc - just saw this post and wanted to reply as the victims of this foolish move are about to start rolling in. I called UPS today and they made it clear that I'm going to be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 on my package just for the brokerage fee. That's not including duty and taxes.

    I sincerely hope that NP changes this immediately and implements some sort of refund for those of us who made these orders on their word that the new shipping rates would be less expensive but slower.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    Here is a direct shipping comparison going to the exact address in Quebec, Canada for 1 bottle of OxyElite Pro:

    1 bottle of OxyElite Pro going to Quebec, Canada
    Priority (1-4 business days): $62.52
    Economy (3-7 business days): $57.33
    Super Saver (8-20 business days): $9.26


    1 bottle of OxyElite Pro going to Quebec, Canada (exact same address)
    International Shipping (2-4 days): $25.45
    International Shipping (4-7 days): $24.95
    International Shipping (1-2 weeks): $22.20

    Other notes to mention: Our slowest option also provides trackability while competitors does not. Our slowest option is really more like 4-8 days (we believe in under-promising and over-delivering in the event of customs delays). Not to mention our price on OEP is significantly cheaper. Overall our slowest shipping option for $22.20 is the same delivery speed as the competitors charge of $57.33.

    Attached are the screen shots for the skeptics...
    not bitching here, just sharing my experience, but the lowest shipping takes about 1 week to get to me (Quebec)
    I also ordered from Nutraplanet, about 1-2 years ago before the shipping prices got jacked up, and it also took a week.

    You guys have great prices, but can't justify ordering with such high shipping rates.


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