combat by MP

  1. combat by MP

    when are yall gonna be expecting to get more in ive placed an order for combat and battle 2 weeks ago. and still waiting for it to get shipped! this is killin me


  2. Was it the Choc PB Combat Powder? That's the only one that is OOS right now. The best way to get an ETA would be to contact customer service but they won't be open till Tuesday. was everything in stock when you ordered?

  3. no it was triple berry or sumtin. and it said there was 1 left. then i clicked to order and there was a message on the top of the screen saying that one of my items was out of stock and that it would take longer to ship. i figured that it wasnt gonna take supper long so i just said screw it ill wait.

  4. Hmm, maybe it wasn't the combat powder unless you ordered >1 unit. I'd say call the toll free # on Tuesday and they will get you sorted out. Sorry about the delay :/



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