NutraPro .... uh plastic bag type strips in it .....

  1. NutraPro .... uh plastic bag type strips in it .....

    So I ordered some NutraPro Natural Chocolate Fudge Sundae and have had it for a couple weeks .... I have twice in the last 2 days found a couple thin, long strands of what looks like what would be from a plastic bag in the tub .... uh .... really ??

    Anyone else ever had this ?? I probably should contact NutraPlanet service and tell them... really would like a replacement of something else... although I know they are on the boards so maybe I'll be contacted this way too ....

    I kept them in case they want pics ...


  2. I also had a recent problem with NutraPro. I have kept mine also.

    Nutrapro Consistancy

    It wasn't plastic bag for me though. Seems there are maybe some quality control issues with the product.

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