Ordered Shift sunday and now....

  1. Unhappy Ordered Shift sunday and now....

    It's on sale for 14.99 That sucks.

  2. Buy some more...

  3. I will be buying Alpha and Erase though.

  4. E-mail customer service with your order # and a brief message, they might be able to credit you the difference. Happened to me and NP took good care of me.

  5. OP did you get this resolved? I know NP has done that for me before.

    hopefully you can still get in on this deal

    Total Body Recomposition PES SALE!

  6. Yes I got credit...Now I can order more stuff

  7. NP rocks
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  8. matt96teg, I just noticed.... you joined back in 2007 and before this thread you only had 2 posts.. I guess this must be a new Shift for ya

    Glad to hear NP took care of you. They're the best


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