Annoying gimmick.

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    Is it really that much effort to click "add to cart"? Its nothing like buying a car, there is no salesman involved, nobody pressuring you to buy, just 1 entire extra mouse click.
    no credit check either LOL

  2. My cart is full...full of emotion.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    My cart is full...full of emotion.
    HaHa. If anything this thread is funny, funny in a sardonic way, but still funny nonetheless.

  4. Tt-33 was able to be sold so cheap bc there is no current MAP on it. We normally remove MAP about 1 year after release. The only reason it would still be attached if it's older than a year is it moves so quickly we have to keep it in place to make sure it doesn't get whored out by smaller companies who can survive on 5% profit(unlike legit websites UHF have actual employees to pay)
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  5. Thanks to Vaughn for taking care of this thread and clearing things up. Bottom line is if we want to have a killer sale on certain products, this is the only way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RexGrandis View Post
    "Prices Too Low To Show!

    You may be wondering why we're hiding the price for this product. Simple...Our price is so low the manufacturer won't let us list it! That's right, in order for us to continue offering this popular item at THE LOWEST PRICE, we can't advertise publicly how cheap it is.

    To see our LOWEST price on this hot item, simply click the "Add To Cart" button and it will display the price in your shopping cart. So go ahead and add it now, and see how much you could really be saving at NutraPlanet!"

    This is the kind of gimmicky crap I'd expect from USPLabs. That and your price is only $7 cheaper then the regular price on other websites. If you want to have a sale, fine, but none of this gimmicky rubbish.

    end rant.
    Yok3d at NP for 34.99 and 34.99 after you add to cart....

    end of rant

  7. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    Yok3d at NP for 34.99 and 34.99 after you add to cart....

    end of rant

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