Flying Ninja Monkey Tears

  1. Flying Ninja Monkey Tears

    Hey guys when are you getting these back in stock, I just ran out and im dieing!

    NutraPlanet Flying Ninja Monkey Tears (1 ampule): Discount Flying Ninja Monkey Tears Supplements

  2. I just ran some, put on 25 lbs in 6 weeks. its unbeatable at that price!
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  3. what the hell are these?

  4. That's hilarious!

  5. Ask any bodybuilder and they'll tell you that the most anabolic substance available today are the rare tears of a flying monkey. The problem: flying monkeys have become scarce due to the harsh treatments from Hollywood, causing a massive decline in population from entertainment exploitation and corporate greed.

    I'm just glad NP secured some of these samples!

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    I heard these were out of stock because the most recent regulations passed by the feds banned them. Sucks. All it's gonna do is drive up the street prices for UGL tears.
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