Re-stock on Toco-8?

  1. Re-stock on Toco-8?

    Just wondering if this will be restocked. I need to place an order soon, and would like to order everything at once.

  2. Bump ...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RipdnTxs View Post
    Bump ...
    Wondering as well

  4. This is one of those products that should always be in stock. Just saying....

  5. I've tried it only once, and it worked great. I really want to incorporate it to my new cycle....

  6. I need to order another bottle in about a month or so.

    I'm just sayin'...

  7. bump for any updates.

  8. For those interested. it's back in limited quanities.

  9. 4 left! That IS limited lol
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  10. No kidding huh! Might be low in supple from PP, I'll check on this if it keeps staying OOS

  11. Bump...almost out of my Toco-8!!! Need resupply ASAP!!!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by methusaleh View Post
    Bump...almost out of my Toco-8!!! Need resupply ASAP!!!
    It's in stock.

  13. We're trying to work closer with PP to keep stock up and reduce T/A times. We are proud to support the line and hope they overcome these growing pains. Anything we can do to assist, we are more than happy to help.

  14. there out of stock again... sad panda


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