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    Quote Originally Posted by S.K View Post
    Sorry but I am late to the party... WTF is this ****e?! or am I just so dumb that I can not sense the sarcasm right now?

    Edit: Okay I officially was blonde for a few minutes. WOW! lmfao
    No worries, bro.

    Just make sure you stock up while you can before the feds ban it

  2. When I seen it on the site I had to click on it! Did anyone read the description? LOL!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Bry17 View Post
    lulz maybe the monkey cried when he saw the price of andromass

    Haha, thats what I was thinking!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    If it's monkey piss i'll be very upset.

    Almost as bad as cat piss....
    I know what you mean...."Cat Piss is bad...ummkay"...

    YouTube - kenny cat piss

  5. Can anyone post some bloodwork before and after the use of this product?

    Will bananas suffice as on cycle protection?

  6. i just bought a good stock of this at nutraplanet before i knew you guys where joking.and i want a refund about a enough refund to by one of each of the new androseries would be about right i will be waiting.


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