It ain't over till the fat lady sings...

  1. It ain't over till the fat lady sings...

    Due to overwhelming demand, iForce Nutrition and NutraPlanet have decided to introduce some new and even more impressive stacks/specials to say thank you to all the amazing members here on AM!

    Be on the lookout for these amazing stacks to hit NP very soon

    Tropinol + FREE 100g D-Aspartic-Acid

    Every once in a while a pair of products come to light that are seemingly made for each other. They work synergistically with one another, accentuating one anothers strengths and downplaying each others weak points. Two of the most highly anticipated products of all time, Tropinol and D-Aspartic-Acid is the most synergistic stack seen since the days of 1-AD and 4-AD. .

    Included in this stack is a full 1 month supply of the two most anticipated products of all time, Tropinol and D-Aspartic-Acid.

    D-Aspartic-Acid rushed into the public spotlight with a promise to increase testosterone by 42% or more in as little as 12 days! While everyone can use more testosterone, it was discovered that D-Aspartic-Acid can also actually raise estrogen which can have negative consequences for those looking to retain a lean and hard physique.

    Now you can get all the power of D-Aspartic-Acid without worrying about any negative estrogenic side effects.

    Key ingredients in Tropinol has been shown to not only increase testosterone higher than any other natural compound, they have also been shown to simultaneously reduce estrogen! By combining both Tropinol and D-Aspartic-Acid, you will be able to benefit from the incredibly fast acting testosterone enhancement of D-Aspartic-Acid, while pushing your testosterone to new levels with the help of the world's most potent testosterone booster Tropinol. This stack and only this stack will allow you to fully appreciate the power of D-Aspartic-Acid while eliminating any chances for additional estrogen.

    Fadogia-500 + Tropinol: The TESTimony Stack

    Two of the most impressive products to ever appear in the supplement industry are now available together for huge savings!

    This stack features the World's Most Potent Testosterone Booster “Tropinol” capable of blasting testosterone levels to never before seen heights alongside the NutraPlanet exclusive product Fadogia-500 which boasts huge doses of both Fadogia-Agrestis and 25-R!

    When it comes to testosterone boosters, raising our total and free levels of testosterone is the #1 concern. By using Tropinol and Fadogia-500, you will create such a massive surge in testosterone, you will have an instant increase in libido, lbm, and strength.

    However our testosterone levels are not the only aspect that matters when it comes to testosterone and translating it into muscle gains! Just as important as our testosterone levels, how sensitive and willing to initiate growth our androgen receptors are is crucial for strength and size gains. Despite having incredibly high levels of testosterone, it's impossible to grow muscle without activating our androgen receptors for growth! The strongest Androgen Receptor activator known is the rare compound 25-R, Spirostan-5A-Diol-6-one-3-one which is currently found only in Fadogia-500.

    By coupling the insane testosterone enhancement of Tropinol and Fadogia-500, with the INTENSE Androgen Receptors activation actions of Fadogia-500, users can expect MASSIVE increased on their lifts along with improved body composition and lean body mass.

    Keep checking to see when they're added! It should be within 24-48 hours!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  2. Just when I wanted to save some money

  3. sales should be posted today
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  4. iForce Nutrition: The TESTimony Stack: 1 Tropinol + 1 Fadogia-500 + 1 FREE Maximize v2 sample: $49.99

    iForce Nutrition: 1 Tropinol + FREE 100g D-Aspartic Acid + 1 FREE Maximize v2 sample: $44.95
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

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