1. HEAT STACK $22.99

  2. totally jumped on this, today was my first day on it, but i like the looks of the profile for my goals.

    great price on it!

  3. Amazing price...already ordered one and will do again when it is teamed with DCP
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. Great Deal, Ordered one and also waiting for the DCP combo.

  5. Crazy price, picked up some more!

  6. I already ordered one soon as it came back!! Waiting for the DCP combo!!!

  7. Thanks for the support guys. Yeah Iwas very upset that DCP didnt make it the first week. At least its on its way

  8. This better be good. I have been off all stims for a month and I am kicking off the new year with this and hghproand maybe some erase

  9. Oh it should be good bigbeef. It definitely made my list this year

  10. anybody know when week 2 starts?

  11. I just hit week three and I am sweating like crazy! It really seemed to kick in for me on week two.

  12. Great product and company!!waiting to stack this with DCP!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    Great product and company!!waiting to stack this with DCP!!
    Same here, should be a great stack

  14. I started mine today. Will keep everyone up to date

  15. heat+alpha t-2 would be safe for me to stack?

  16. definitely
    heard great things about that stack


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