want to go ahead and warn people so we dont have to read hundreds of post of people complaining. If you order any products that are backordered or have an ETA ship date, that means there will be a delay in your package shipping. If you want your other stuff that is in stock to ship right away, you need to place 2 different orders, one of in stock, the other backorders. Nutra will not split up and ship 2 packages, I mean they have really cheap shipping to start with and take a loss on most orders when it come to shipping. I have no knowledge of the sale and if some items are back ordered or not, I just know how things have gone in the past and how people complain

  2. That being said I am really pumped and ready to order

  3. Is it time yet...Maybe Ill just sleep till the sale starts!!!



  4. Unbreakable
    David Dunn's Avatar

    While you are on that note please consider that there are a couple of statuses that I can observe that will impact your order.

    Currently Out Of Stock
    Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    In Stock, Ships in 1-2 Business Days

    Currently Out of Stock:
    It clearly states "Currently Out Of Stock" before you place it in your shopping cart.

    If you fail to notice that warning before you place it in your cart you will receive multiple warning as follows:

    The item you selected will be in bold red text with the statement "Currently Out Of Stock" clearly indicated below it.

    The warning statement "One or more products in your cart are not available in the quantities requested. Please adjust your cart quantities to checkout." will appear at the header of your order list.

    Ships in 1-3 Business Days:
    Although it does not state it is "Currently Out of Stock" it does distinguish itself from an in stock item by not stating "In Stock". The "Ships in 1-3 Business Days" is another indication that it will be delayed.

    The warning statement "One or more products in your cart are currently oversold. This may delay the shipment of your order." will appear at the header of your order list.

    Please note an example that may confuse some. I have an order for a stacked item. The stack comes up "Ships in 1-3 Business Days". I investigated all the items individually and two of the three state "In Stock, Ships in 1-2 Business Days" before they are placed in my shopping cart BUT one of the items states "Ships in 1-3 Business Days". Be aware that the lowest status effects the entire stack order. Although it does not state "Currently Out of Stock" it clearly communicates to me that there will be a delay.
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  5. Cool thanks for the heads up guys.

  6. Great Posts guys!

  7. This may be a lame question but I would like to ask it anyway. Trutein is out of stock, can you still purchase out of stock items and they will be shipped when in stock, or are you not able to purchase out of stock items.

  8. Ok, so the prices in the email ie: TT-33 for 12.99 has not started yet?
    If so, what is the start date as I am not seeing it.

  9. Put what you want in your cart according to the items on sale sent in the e-mail, at 12 eastern the sales prices will be adjusted to reflect the list given, at this time you may purchase your order.

  10. ok, thanks!


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