The Godfather of ALL SALES...coming soon. Are you ready?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Where is this !!! lol I cant find anything for 3 bucks.....

  2. What are they hidden~!?

  3. payment complete ... thanks Nutraplanet !!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    pour me a stiff one too Maxx!
    Now i got half bottle Sam

  5. Ty! ty! so much i was soo lost lol

  6. just got my order in. 5xcordygen5, 2xbetter protein bars, 500grams citrulline and oximega greens. probably will place another small order soon.

  7. site should be mostly back to normal now, still might be a little slow, but nothing like it was. been an eventful year so far

  8. YAY! Got my order, w00t!

    6 x Fadogia-500 (Yes, I LOVE Fadogia. Best feel good stuff ever, T-boost is just a side effect as far as I care.)

    1 x Cissus Powder 500g
    1 x Adam
    3 x Cordygen5
    3 x Slin-Sane & Protocol Stack
    1 x Melatonin 3 mg

    All for 303.02 after the NY20 discount for what wasn't on sale.

    And I have a poor little credit card and a paycheck coming next week just waiting for the return of DCP and maybe some more protein or other BCAA stuff. This is what I have been waiting for since the NYE sale last year. This time I actually saved up enough to really splurge more than usual

  9. OUCH $435. Thanks Nutra good times. I'll be working OT for a month now. lol

  10. Quote Originally Posted by nricciar View Post
    site should be mostly back to normal now, still might be a little slow, but nothing like it was. been an eventful year so far
    Thanks Dave for working on getting the server back up to working status. Now go take a shot of your $80 scotch

  11. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    mine went through as well. Great order, so excited that OT was on sale again
    Me too! Got 3. Gotta luv ot.
    PHF Rep

  12. is 240cc clenbuterex price going to be reduced to ad price?? I am waiting to place my order

  13. Fixed the price BigBeef...good looking out!

  14. Is everything going smoothly for everyone now? Everything all good?

  15. That was an easy $200 spent. Thanks for the cash Santa, and thanks for the sale NP

  16. 165 bucks...all i had on my debit card..DAMMIT!!!! Glad sales will be going on for a couple of weeks... Think I may have to invest in a new supplement cabinet!!!


  17. I just checked on the Alpha-T2 and the discount worked for 2 and 3 bottles. The price is reflected in the shopping cart. Is this not working for you?

    Edit: just saw your response...guess I need to read posts all the way through LOL!

  18. Wow nice sales guys! ty!

  19. you just got me for 400 bucks

  20. $300 all goneski to a good cause

  21. Mine was 130 but im good on naty test boosters!

  22. I have two options of int'l shipping:
    1- (3-6 days) $83.45
    2- (1-2 weeks) $80.70

    My question which one is not Fedex? as I dont have problem waiting longer as long as I can avoid VAT and TAX.

  23. DHL shipping is good!

    ah man I spent a little more then I should have lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  24. question:

    I think I remember previous years the sale adding products to the list throughout the weeks of janurary. Is this going to happen this year? Or am I comepletely wrong here?

    reason being I was looking forward to certain products and they arent on the new year sale list so I was wondering if I should make a small order of things that ARE on the list now and then another one when another list comes out.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates


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