Thanks Nutraplanet!

  1. Thumbs up Thanks Nutraplanet!

    I placed a decent sized order (~$150) and was excited that it got to PA from GA in 2 days! However, i opened that package that an Omega Trinitine bottle was missing. I emailed nutraplanet and within a few hours a new package was on its way with the replacement.

    Nutraplanet has great customer service and excellent prices. Thank you so much, Nutraplanet. I will be a lifetime customer.

    -Ordered package
    -Package missing item
    -Item sent within a few hrs
    -Nutraplanet = good people

  2. I am glad it all worked out for you. I am in PA as well, and am always amazed how quickly it gets here.

    Thank you for your business
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

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