question about L Dopa need help asap

  1. question about L Dopa need help asap

    I was taking DAA and L-Dopa(2000mg of muiren piuren which was 300mg ldopa) for 2 months and just went off becuase I wanted to take a break. Now that it has been 2 wks that i have been off I have noticed nervousness and anxiety episodes and my blood pressure shoots up when it happens and it seems to happen frequently. I think my dopamine receptors are low which is causing this. Is there anything I can do because somone told me i should take some l-theanine for anxiety and maybe some gaba. Am i screwed or will things go back to normal? Thanks

  2. To be honest, I always side with caution. If it is that bad, I would get in contact with your physician and explain it to them
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. I dont have health insurance anymore thats why i am asking to see ifit should go away on its own or am i in trouble

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