question about 2 products

  1. question about 2 products

    the 1 kilo bulk bcaa powder it doesnt say how much is in there with the leucine, isoleucine, valine is the usual 2.5 L, 1.25 I, 1.25 V ?

    I was also reading the reviews for the np wms kwick karb is the scoop in there and what is the strength?


  2. I do believe it is 2-1-1 (BCAA)

    Typically scoops are included, however if not, the measure would typically be a teaspoon which will be noted on the package.

    Just for clarification, what do you mean by strength for WMS? Just want to make sure I can give you the appropriate answer
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Oh sorry i meant how many grams per scoop bc i didnt see it on there

    If it is out of stock how long does it usually come back?

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