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Spirodex: Advanced Mood, Energy, Fat Loss Formula!

Gaspari Nutrition introduces the newest mood enhancing and energy formula: Spirodex. Spirodex is first in it's category to not only suppress appetite, increase energy production, and promote thermogenesis, but also enhances mood to help with the "diet blues".

Dieting can be extremely difficult with food cravings and the emotional stress caused by reduced calories or low carb dieting can set you up for failure. Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex helps to alleviate these emotional stresses by boosting mood, energy, and alertness. Only Spirodex contains these key mood enhancing properties along with an effective blend of weight loss ingredients to help you feel great while shedding body fat.

The research team at Gaspari Nutrition has done it with SPIRODEX; a product destined to become the “King of Mood Enhancing Stimulant Dietary Supplements.” By using standardized herbal analogs of the actual neurotransmitters found naturally in your Central Nervous System that are responsible for pleasure, alertness and appetite suppression, SPIRODEX is guaranteed to provide you with an intense feeling of mood enhancement, mental clarity and energy; all in a convenient, once-per-day dose with absolutely no crash or annoying “hang over” effect. We are extremely confident, once you try SPIRODEX™ you’ll immediately know what it does and why you like it...a lot!


Q: Will Spirodex give me the typical jittery feeling that other dietary stimulant products can cause?

A: While virtually all stimulants help increase feelings of energy, Gaspari’s R&D team recognizes that many people do not like some of the more physical, jittery feelings that can be associated with them. Spirodex has been uniquely formulated to minimize these types of side effects.

Q: How long can I take Spirodex?
A: Optimally, Gaspari Nutrition suggests that you use no more than 1 or 2 Spirodex Spirotabs once per day for a period not to exceed 6 weeks. Increasing the dosage or length of use will not increase the benefit of using this product.

Q: Who can best use Spirodex?
A: While Spirodex is a very powerful product, virtually all healthy men and women over the age of 18 years can expect to safely use Spirodex. There are some people who should not use Spirodex because they have pre-existing medical conditions or take certain medications. Please comletely read the “Directions for Use” and “Warnings” sections of the label and consult your physician health care provider before using this product or any other dietary supplement.