quick question

  1. quick question

    hey whats up. i want to order some stuff from you guys but i need it delivered to an APO. what form of shipping do i use and how do i input the address. an example of the address is below so please tell me where to put each thing
    john doe
    331 ECES/ CEF
    APO AE 33333

  2. Is calling in an option? I'd hate to have you need receive your package properly. There's a 1-800# for the site. If not, you can always put in the order and then email the Cs to ensure it is being shipped properly.

  3. yeah i can try to call

  4. the shipping method used is USPS. just input the address the same way you have it, shouldn't have a problem. I received over 10 packages when I was in Iraq last year. no worries, u don't even need to call in

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