1. NP's AEE

    When will this be back in stock?

  2. This is another item we had to discontinue due to lack of sales. All NutraPlanet Bulk Powders are tested for identity, purity, heavy metals, and microbials (salmonella, etc...). In order to offer these rigorous tests, we have to sell a certain amount of a given raw material to keep the product priced competitively; unfortunately AEE didn't meet that threshold.

  3. Got ya...thanks for the heads up and just seems that it's sold out everywhere now a days...but makes sense to not keep it in stock if it's not genertaing any sales..

  4. I think the ethyl ester thing was a trend. CEE is no longer popular, and people are back on arginine AKG. NO Shotgun better change their formula because they lost their gimmick!
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