Since we've recieved several emails and a bunch of private messages on various forums asking how to run a complete stack of Driven Sports products (Activate Xtreme™, Triazole™ and Lean Xtreme™) I thought I'd have it put together in an easy-to-understand chart.

The chart shown is for a 12-week cycle that consists of two bottles of each product. This cycle is versatile in that you can drop the Lean Xtreme™ entirely and still have excellent results in MUSCLE GAIN.

Anyone wishing to add Adrenalean™ to the stack has two options based on current goals; 1. If aiming to add LEAN MASS, use Adrenalean™ sparringly pre-workout for a supreme energy boost to help you attack the weights! 2. Use more frequently each day with 2-3 servings if your goal is FAT LOSS and your calories have been reduced to reflect this aim.

There has been excellent feedback for Triazole™ and the Triazole™ with Activate Xtreme™ stack so far, with users reporting increases in strength and recovery between workouts. This is to be expected with the rapid and significant increases in Free and Total Testosterone!

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