Paying for express,but getting priority mail?

  1. Paying for express,but getting priority mail?


    This has probably happen more then twice, but I can only be sure of the last two times as I still have both boxes with the shipping info on them.
    I only say I think this happens more then twice as the average time it takes to get from NP to Sydney Australia is around 3-5 weeks, at least when I order off NP.
    When I use other websites and use the express method it takes approximately1-2 weeks.
    Just to be sure, the shipping info on package says 'Priority mail Intl rate'.No where on the last two packages does it have any mention of express and I doubt the rest have if my memory serves me well.

    Could someone please clarify this for me as I want to place another order but obviously I do not want to pay for express and have it get to me a month later.



  2. Next time you get a package have a look at how much postage was.

    WE are getting treated very, VERY fairly. There was a difference of $15 on one of my packages once.

    Also Priority mail Intl normally takes no more than 7 days unless customs takes it, then its how ever long they decide to keep it.

    You have the tracking details what did it say?? Post them up they are in your order history.
    I've never had any package take that long, even First class usps only takes 10-14 days.

    these are my last three deliveries
    The one starting with E was sent express and it arrived 1 day before Priority Mail, the others were sent priority. You can check them out at

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