1. Manic

    So does AI's Manic have 80 servings or 40 because on the ingrediant profile to the side it says 40 but twice on the label it says 80. Also why all the bad reviews, it looks pretty solid to me.

  2. there is 80 scoops in the whole tub

    you can take one scoop if you wish...and that will be 80 total servings

    but the actual serving size is two scoops so that ill come to a total of 40 servings.

    so if you take two scoops before you lift then you will have it for 40 lifts.

  3. I just got mine in and have tried it twice. So far I don't like it. The stim effect is very minimal. The taste is bad but not terrible.

    It is recommended to take it on a empty stomach but that leads to GI stress on me. It makes me very gassy.

  4. Thanks! That's what I wanted to know.

  5. I have used it before, and found good focus with very mild stim. Which is what I was told was to be expected
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  6. I don't know what happened with the ratings. It looks like most of the poor ratings were done almost all at once:
    Rating: 4.4909/5 (55 votes cast)

    Vote Breakdown:
    1 star 6
    2 star 0
    3 star 1
    4 star 2
    5 star 46
    If you're looking for a really strong pre-workout stim, then this is not the product for you. This is more of a pump and focus product, but can be stacked with an energy supplement, if desired.
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