Wrong order?

  1. Wrong order?

    I just got my e-mail that notified me that my order has shipped so I went on the Fedex website like I usually do and I noticed something weird.
    It says the package weighs 10.3 lbs. but I only ordered some erase and bottle of titanium.
    Is it a typo or did I get the wrong order?

    Order #175515

  2. They didnt tell you that the titanium is made out of real compacted titanium?

    Just kidding!

    Im sure it is just a typo. probably meant 1.03lbs
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  3. Or perhaps we added 8lbs of samples....
    But it should still be your box. Sometimes packaging adds a lb or two. Seems a bit hefty tho. If it turns out to not be yours, we'll take care of it.

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