order process ?

  1. order process ?

    Ive just placed my first order {alph t-2, erase,and oxyelite} and am pretty excited about it. Im wondering how long it takes to process and order and how long befor it ships. I placed order saturday AM, i assume it wont process on weekends but justcurious aabout the process. Debit card hasbeen charged and order says pending.

  2. They're working very hard to keep up with all the orders that are coming in with the sales. Alpha-T2 and Erase are in stock, OEP isn't in right now but should be in within the next few days. Once it arrives, your order will ship out within the next day usually.

  3. Np usually has a pretty fast turnaround for how busy they are

  4. great to hear

  5. u should get an email saying your order has shipped as well. NP won't let you down



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