Whats up with Nutraplanet?

  1. Whats up with Nutraplanet?

    I chose NP over BB.com as I figured they'd be ALOT quicker however I put the order in on the 9/2/2010 .. its now 13/9/2010 and the order still says "Processing". I paid for EXPRESS postage (international) yet it hasn't even been shipped yet - I emailed them and only got one reply which said "We apologize for the delay due to the long weekend" but its been nearly 2 weeks.. ?? They haven't replied to any others.

    To make things worse I'm moving this week, if I had've known it would take this long I would've changed my address to my PO BOX instead of my home address. So it says 4-5 days shipping, its been 11 days and it still hasn't even been posted. VERY disappointed NP .. =\

  2. contact customer service. If you ordered anything that was presale or back ordder it takes longer
    NOT an IFORCE rep, but their new VMS Protean is amazing. I also dropped 15lbs on the testabolan2 and rev2 stack last month.

  3. All items said "In stock" - customer service haven't replied to my other emails, just the one stating its due to a holiday....nearly 2wks ago

  4. they started labor day sales before the period.

    I am sure it is due to the massive sales they have had starting weeks ago.

  5. Outside of the reps here, the best course of action is to give CS a call 866-780-3755
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  6. I'm in Australia, I'm not paying for that......

  7. Quote Originally Posted by COUGAR BAIT View Post
    I'm in Australia, I'm not paying for that......
    If you PM me your order #, I can talk to a CSR tomorrow and figure out what the hold up is. I'm sorry it's taking this long, and will be happy to look into why this is the case.

  8. PM sent, thank you.

  9. Got it, you can edit out your order # if you want.

  10. In all fairness this has not been your average week for NP, they ran a big holiday sale so I'm sure that kept things busy and apart from that depending on when you placed your order it could have been 9/3, if thats the case its only been 5 business days since you placed your order... where as 2 weeks implies 10 business days

  11. Order Date: 09/02/2010 at 10:14PM

    (2nd of September)

    Todays date is 13 September ..

  12. dude I had the same problem, and because of NP's 10-5 opening times communication is very annoying it works out to be like 12am-7am Aussie times and so I had to stay up one night till 1am before someone picked up the phone and sorted out my order, in all honesty, this was the first time i'd used NP and i paid for my products 9days ago and from what I can decipher from the 'tracking info' its still in America somewhere......

    maybe it's just a busy week for them, but to put it in perspective, I received my bb order last wednesday afternoon (ordered from np and bb at the same time) so yeh..

    edit: I also paid for express postage.
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  13. I paid for express too, BB.com is much more efficient.. I thought NP was these days - obviously not

  14. Quote Originally Posted by COUGAR BAIT View Post
    I paid for express too, BB.com is much more efficient.. I thought NP was these days - obviously not
    Rest assured that this situation will most certainly be rectified. I apologize the delay, and will not make excuses. Just know that with the 5 week sales, business at the warehouse has most certainly picked up.

    Regardless of that, this will be rectified for you
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  15. Is there anyway I can organize it sent to a different address? I move in a week and I'm worried I'll miss it.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by COUGAR BAIT View Post
    Is there anyway I can organize it sent to a different address? I move in a week and I'm worried I'll miss it.
    Cougar, I just talked to our CSRs. What had happened was ActivateXtreme was holding up your order; as you can see it is listed as OOS but it was allowing people to order it saying 1-3 business days, a slight glitch in the site inventory there. We were supposed to receive it last week, but instead it is only arriving today. The good news is that your order will be shipping out today with the NEW Activate Xtreme. If you wish to change your address, I suggest you fill out the form http://www.nutraplanet.com/contact_us/ with your updated address and order #, and it should get done.

    Thanks for your patience and let me know if there's anything else I can do,

  17. It's not just Aussie's. I got screwed in July on my order as well. I ordered during the July 4th sale and it took a month to get my gear. I didn't even order anything that was on sale...

    And then I ordered again during the Labor day sale but, again didn't order anything that was on sale. I waited a week without my order status even changing. I emailed NP and all of a sudden my order shipped. Why did it take me emailing them to get my order shipped...

    Something is definitely a foot with Nutra. They used to be so fast on shipping it was crazy. Now it's like dealing with every other supplement supplier on the net. I miss the old days...

  18. just came in here to say that Nutra has always been quick and thorough for me over the years, I ordered Erase when it was on presale. The second it came in to their warehouse I got mine like 2 days later, it was great, I had anticipated a much longer wait.

    Hope you guys get your orders soon though!

  19. I love NP, and will still buy from NP, but I also had to wait almost a week for my order to be shipped and everything was listed as in stock from day one.
    I have been buying from here for 7 years and have gotten in on a lot bigger sales than this one and have never had to wait more than 24 hours for my order to be shipped.
    I dont know if they fired their entire warehouse crew or what, but this is as slow as they have ever been.

  20. NP has great CSR's big thumbs up to them

  21. Telling me how good NP is doesn't really solve my issue but it was finally sent, hope it gets here quick. Thanks for the replies.

  22. I hate that they ship my packages out so quick.. doesn't give me time to add random stuff to it that I forgot to order.. =P


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