Nutraplanet Bulk Products-OUT OF STOCK!

  1. Nutraplanet Bulk Products-OUT OF STOCK!

    What is the deal with most of Nutraplanet's Bulk products? There have been products out of stock for the past month...I've been checking and checking but I have to purchase elsewhere. Hate giving my money to other companies!

    Can you give us a "real" answer, such as dry season, hard finding raws...etc. I don't want to hear that the sales have been selling the bulks out.

  2. As I recall, due to the strict FDA requirements, all of the bulk powders now have to undergo cGMP testing and that's what's causing the delays...unfortunately

  3. Do we have an ETA on when these products will be back in inventory and ready for purchasing??

  4. Good morning guys.

    Can you be specific about which bulk products you are looking for? This way I can try and get you the most accurate information on their status.

    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. Eg. ALCAR is in our hands but we're just waiting on the results of testing which should be any day now.

  6. What about Divanex (both powder & pills out-of-stock)?

  7. Alcar results came in today and it was released for sale. Expecting the Divanex caps in about a week or so.

  8. any word on if adrenosterone will be brought back to am in bulk form?

  9. No plans for it at the moment.

  10. Are you guys going to be restocking the bulk l-dopa?

  11. Ells, I believe the 15% will not be restocked
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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